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Waterman Promotional Pens

Waterman Promotional Pens
As a promotional pen, Waterman writing instruments make a bold statement about the company that gives it as a gift, and are prized by the executive that receives them. When only the best will do, the gift of a Waterman pen will instantly convey the regard that a company holds its clients in.

Waterman Pens have been manufacturing luxury writing instruments for more than 120 years. Their pens have an elegance akin to fine cars, marked by distinctive dramatic designs and quality materials that set them apart from other promotional pens. Pens can be constructed of lacquer, stainless steel or brass, and trimmed with any of a number of precious metals including silver, gold and palladium. Waterman stands behind its products – each unique roller and ballpoint pen comes with a three-year guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship.

1234 PENS is very proud to include a wide range of Waterman pens in its line of promotional pen products, ranging from the affordable Hémisphère to the opulent Exception. Each advertising pen can be imprinted in one of sixteen available ink colors.


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