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uni-ball Promotional Pens

uni-ball Promotional Pens
uni-ball pens are made to standards that make them an outstanding promotional gift, especially for those clients who spend a lot of time in planes, in harsh conditions, or even upside down!

The uni-ball 100 made its debut in 1979 with the debut of the world’s first metal-tipped roller ball pen, and has been going strong ever since. uni-ball has continued to make advances in writing technology, with a number of engineering and ink-related achievements that have impacted the writing world. One of these is the design of a pressurized ink supply, which uni-ball pens to keep writing on wet surfaces, in extreme cold, and yes, even while writing upside down. The pressurized ink supply led to the development of uni-ball’s “airplane safe” uni-ball Vision Elite and Vision RT pens, which eliminate ink leaks and bursts during flight by being engineered to compensate for changes in a plane’s cabin pressure. Another revolutionary advance is uni Super InkTM, a unique pigment ink that is fade, light and water resistant, as well as tamper-proof.

1234 PENS is proud to offer the line of uni-ball products in its promotional pens selection, which features a number of different designs and colors. Each pen is customizable, with the choice of sixteen different ink colors for imprinting, and orders of up to 1,000 pens can be shipped to locations within Canada and the United States within 48 hours. Click here for more details on 1234 PENS’ fast shipping service.



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