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Sharpie Promotional Pens

Sharpie Promotional Pens

The Sharpie® first made its mark in 1964, when the Sanford Ink Company introduced the Sharpie Pens into the emerging marker business. Since then, the Sharpie name has become synonymous with permanence, and has become a natural fit when it comes to promotional pens.


While Sharpie may have started out as a plain black marker, it was an instant hit, endorsed early on by luminaries such as Johnny Carson and Jack Parr. Today, the Sharpie line of products has evolved to include 24 vibrant ink colors, ultra-fine tip markers that write just like pens, highlighters, and a number of different designs that feature pocket clips and convenient rings to hook onto other items. Sharpie products are of such high quality that they have become especially popular with celebrities and autograph seekers alike, prized for their ability to write on – and remain on – almost any surface for years to come. Sharpie ink is ACMI certified non-toxic, fast drying and acid free.


1234 PENS is pleased to offer a wide array of Sharpie products in its line of promotional pens, which includes standard, fine and ultra-fine point markers, twin tips that combine thick and thin in the same maker, and highlighters in five fluorescent colors. With barrels made of plastic or stainless steel, each pen is customizable and can be imprinted with one of sixteen ink colors, and orders of up to 1,000 pens can be shipped to locations within Canada and the United States within 48 hours. Click here for more details on 1234 PENS’ fast shipping service.

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